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Season 1 Episode 13 : Season 1, Episode 13 - Akiba's Last Trip

Akiba's Trip: The Animation

Akihabara, a broad-minded neighborhood where everyone from beginners to masters are welcomed. Even when you're alone, if you go to Akiba, you'll find someone who understands you. It's a neighborhood where anything is possible, where anyone can do seemingly anything; a place where you can lay bare your body and soul. In this neighborhood of Akiba, which has everything including anime, games, maids, idols, secondhand parts, and cheap food, battles are fought against the "Bagurimono," and a steadfast "boy meets girl" story begins!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy



Countries: JP

Quality: DVD

Views: 51

Release: 2017

Runtime: 25

Content: TV-MA

IMDb: 6.2

Language: 1


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