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Season 2 Episode 43 : Season 2, Episode 43

Bionic Six

In the near future, Professor Sharp, head of the Special Projects Labs (SPL), creates a new form of technology to augment humans through bionics. His first subject was Jack Bennett, a test pilot who secretly acted as Sharp's field agent, Bionic-1. On a family ski vacation in the Himalayas, an alien spacecraft triggers an avalanche that buries the entire family, exposing them to the unusual radiation of a mysterious buried object. Jack frees himself but discovers his family in a comatose state. Theorizing that Jack's bionics protected him from the radiation, Professor Sharp implants bionic technology in the others, awakening them. Afterward, the family operates incognito as a publicly lauded team of adventuring superheroes, the Bionic Six.

Genre: Animation

Actor: Jennifer Darling, Frank Welker, Alan Oppenheimer,


Countries: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 53

Release: 1992

Runtime: 22

Content: TV-Y

IMDb: 7.4

Language: 1


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