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Episode 01 - Pilot

<p> US President Richmond will make his next State of the Union address later today. In his Cabinet is Tom Kirkman, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, which is on the most reduced rung of Cabinet positions. Non-chose Tom, who was delegated from a scholastic profession, and the President regularly don&#39;t see eye to eye, the last who is losing political regard for the previous. In that capacity, the President has excluded any activities brought by Tom up in the address, and has educated Tom through his Chief of Staff Charlie Langdon that he will soon be downgraded to a position situated in Montreal (which is encircled as an advancement) or terminated on the off chance that he doesn&#39;t acknowledge the downgrade. Advance, Tom has been relegated the assigned survivor for the address, implying that he will be housed in a mystery secured fortification while whatever is left of the Cabinet appreciates the general population perceivability by joining the President at the Capitol for the address. Things for all included change radically when the Capitol is bombarded amid the address</p>

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