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Episode 02 - The First Day

<p> It&#39;s the day after the bomb impact at the Capitol. The American masses has not been helped by Tom&#39;s underlying location, their inclination more about the delegate than the message which Tom figures it out. Maybe the biggest microcosm of that inclination is going on in Michigan, where Governor John Royce has fundamentally rejected Tom&#39;s administration, he doing what he feels he needs to ensure his natives, his activities lawful or not. In his own specific manner, Seth gets an individual taste of Royce&#39;s emotions. In the oval office in any case, those aware of everything realize that Tom still needs to settle on imperative choices, they all clamoring for his consideration in guaranteeing that their region of intrigue and their perspectives make it to the highest point of his need list. Tom needs to realize who he can or can&#39;t trust for exhortation, particularly with regards to regions which he has no ability, most particularly in a lawful sense. Data that has advanced toward Tom is that Cochrane&#39;s view is that they are 75% sure of who the culprits are and</p>

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