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Episode 05 - The Mission

<p> Tom has issued the request to lead air strikes on Algeria to catch or execute Majid Nassar. The mission is prematurely ended at last when they discover that Nassar has gotten away - he cautioned by the Algerians - and has sought total isolation in the cellar of a clinic, where he can utilize regular folks, including youngsters, as clueless shields. Chernow advises Tom that the best way to accomplish the ultimate objective of catching Nassar while dodging non military personnel losses is to have boots on the ground as a Navy Seal group. Tom arranges the mission in spite of his dithering, particularly in that boots on the ground has a more prominent probability of American military causalities. Tom gets a political response when he in the long run illuminates Congress, to be specific Hookstraten and MacLeish. Mostly on account of that response, Tom, in contemplating the legislative issues of his employment, starts to outline the conceivable players in major political posts when those times come. In the interim, Wells had put to bed MacLeish&#39;s survival was definitely not</p>

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