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Episode 06 - The Interrogation

<p> The political eventual fate of the nation is by all accounts getting back on track as Tom can assemble the state Governors - less detained Royce - Tom facilitating a state supper for them at the White House before the gatherings. The gatherings are to a great extent for the Governors to endorse the new Senate, and begin the procedure for House races. Additionally on recovering the nation on track, Governor Rivera of Florida has acknowledged three hundred Syrian displaced people, will&#39;s identity arrival on the approaching flight tomorrow in Miami. Past the issue of Royce which he is sure will be raised by some either formally or casually, there is by all accounts positive attitude from the Governors toward Tom, particularly as Majid Nassar is in care. Notwithstanding, something happens at the supper which changes the tone for the up and coming gatherings. That change prompts to Tom asking for Alex to assume responsibility of a particular quick issue, the result of which may include some contact into their marriage. In the mean time, Jason is educated that he is to begin</p>

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