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Episode 07 - The Traitor

<p> Tom&#39;s photograph operation with world class US track mentor and previous track star Brad Weston before he and the US group takes off to Russia for a prestigious track and field competition meet is trailed by a progression of terrible news for Tom from his key staff. To start with, he gains from Aaron that Majid Nassar was killed by an obscure culprit while in authority, this news which will stay out of the media until Tom finds some solid solutions regarding what happened. Second, he finds from Emily that Weston, after touching down in Moscow, was captured for ownership of execution upgrading drugs, particularly human development hormones (HGH), found in his baggage, an offense in Russia deserving of life detainment. What&#39;s more, third, he is told by Seth that a columnist has a source, a legal counselor speaking to a sentenced criminal, expressing that the convict is Leo&#39;s natural father, with the journalist sitting tight for affirmation from Seth with regards to the story&#39;s legitimacy. Aaron and Emily encourage the President to get an uplifting news story out in the media</p>

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Release: 2017



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