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Episode 41 - 31st March 2005

Jimmy seals his return to the King fold by goading Matthew into accepting a challenge to bed Louise before his next birthday. Does Matthew have a chance or will Terry stand in his way? Over at the Sugdens', Victoria is devastated when her birthday present turns out to be a karaoke machine and not a horse as she had hoped. Determined to show her the joys of karaoke, Jack sings Delilah by Tom Jones, but his performance fails to impress! Elsewhere, Chas's attempt to cheer up Debbie backfires when she tells Debbie she knows why she's so unhappy. Does Chas know the truth about her pregnancy?

Genre: Soap


Creators: Kevin Laffan

Country: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 8

Release: 1972



IMDb: 0.5

Language: 1