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Episode 43 - Thursday, 19th May 2005

As Betty cleans at Home Farm she soon picks up on Zoe's plans to move abroad and heads to the Woolpack armed with gossip. Scott is horrified when he hears through the grapevine that Zoe is leaving and heads off to confront her. How will Zoe respond when the father of her child storms round demanding that Jean stay where she is? Over at the Dingles', Shadrach shocks his family when he dresses up and declares that he is a changed man. He insists that he intends on getting himself a job, but Lisa is left to pick up the pieces when he fails miserably. Meanwhile, Libby suggests to Sadie that she stable her horse at Andy's farm, but the young farmer remains adamant that he doesn't want her horse on his land.

Genre: Soap


Creators: Kevin Laffan

Country: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 18

Release: 1972



IMDb: 0.5

Language: 1