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Episode 4501 - Friday, 24th June 2005

Kelly Windsor makes a shock return to the village to be at Scott’s bedside, but step-mum Viv isn’t impressed. Kelly doesn’t waste any time in showing that she hasn’t changed when a young doctor on duty arrives and she sets about seducing him. Kelly quick slips back into caring mode when Viv arrives back from the canteen but are Bob and Marlon as convinced by Kelly’s display of concern as Viv seems to be? Meanwhile, Ashley pays Zoe a visit and asks her to explain what happened. He reminds her of a previous comment she made saying that she wanted Scott out of her life for good, but Zoe is indignant at his suggestions. Elsewhere, Max tells Jimmy that Andy may lose his entire flock of sheep due to illness resulting in a loss of £10,000. Can Jimmy hatch a plan to use this to his advantage?

Genre: Soap


Creators: Kevin Laffan

Country: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 14

Release: 1972



IMDb: 0.5

Language: 1