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Episode 4521 - Tuesday, 21st June 2005

Donna is shocked by Scott’s generosity with money, unaware that it is his way of saying goodbye as he prepares to leave the country with Zoe and Jean. Before heading to Home Farm, Scott also posts a letter to girlfriend Dawn. Having acknowledged his feelings for Zoe, Scott gets down on one knee at Home Farm to propose. Zoe is unable to keep up the pretence that everything is going ahead as planned and tells him there is no way she will marry him, before retracting her invitation for Scott to join her and Jean in America. Scott reacts by throwing her down against the table in a rage. Zoe grabs the nearest thing to her, a syringe filled with Ketamine she had just prepared for an injured horse and plunges it into him. As Scott falls to the floor Zoe picks up a second syringe just as Paddy walks in and witnesses the attack. Has Zoe enough hatred for Scott to inject him with the second needle and get him out of her life for good

Genre: Soap


Creators: Kevin Laffan

Country: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 17

Release: 1972



IMDb: 0.5

Language: 1