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Episode 55 - Friday, 3rd June 2005

Debbie panics when she overhears Zak and Shadrach saying that they are heading off to the woods and fearing that they'll find her hide she asks Daz to go and clear it. The Dingles later stumble across Daz and he manages to excuse his whereabouts. However, he later tells Debbie that he won't lie on her behalf anymore. Debbie fears that Daz will tell Andy about the baby and to keep him quiet she says she's going to see a doctor. She heads off to the surgery but bottles it at the last minute, later lying to Daz that she saw the doctor and everything is fine. Elsewhere, Andy's dancing lessons appear to be paying off and Viv is thrilled at his progress. He proudly tells Libby that she is in for a surprise at the farmer's ball leaving her curious as to what he has planned!

Genre: Soap


Creators: Kevin Laffan

Country: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 13

Release: 1972



IMDb: 0.5

Language: 1