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Season 1 Episode 11 : Season 1, Episode 11 - It's A Wonderful Afterlife


Haunted tells the story of Detective Frank Taylor, who dies two years after the abduction of his son. While investigating a case in which a young boy and his baby-sitter are kidnapped, he faces their abductor, a sinister criminal named Simon. Their encounter leaves Simon dead and Frank nearly so... while in the hospital his soul leaves his body and he can see spirits. When he is revived by the doctors, he continues work as a private investigator, but finds that he can receive messages from beyond the grave from kind spirits. He will use this ability to do good and solve cases, but the vengeful Simon is out to make sure he doesn't get the messages... "Dead Men Do Tell Tales..."

Quality: DVD

Views: 128

Release: 2002

Runtime: 42


IMDb: 5

Language: 1