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Season 2 Episode 6 : Season 2, Episode 6 - North America


Histeria was the short lived but very much loved animated show on Kid's WB. The show was a cartoon look at one of the most boring subjects of all: History. This show takes that boring subject and molds it into entertainment while still teaching the viewers something. Now before you say "A boring learning show," it isn't. This show was hilarious with its off the wall and slapstick comedy takes on the Civil War, the American Revolution, and many many more. Never before has President Washington been in such a compromising position as when the Histeria gang comes along! Histeria! had 52 episodes and 2 seasons. Though this show lived a short but enjoyable run, it was canceled do to low ratings. The low ratings were more or less caused by hype in the new show Pokémon witch was a much cheaper show to produce and had a much bigger following.

Quality: DVD

Views: 81

Release: 1998

Runtime: 30


IMDb: 7.6

Language: 1


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