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Season 2, Episode 1 - House of Hello/House of Dolls

The students return after the holidays, but who is Jerome avoiding and why? Amber is regretting agreeing to be Alfie's girlfriend. Sibuna has a midnight feast in the attic and are soon joined by the rest of the residents in Anubis house. Amber finds a dollhouse that is an exact replica of Anubis house. They get caught by Victor and everyone files down the stairs and back into their bedrooms, but Nina is determined to look for a new hiding place for the Cup of Ankh. Victor finds her as soon as she puts it into the secret door. He startles Nina, causing her to knock a box off the table. As Nina goes downstairs, she hears Victor pick up the old doll that she knocked over. It recites a riddle about a book of old, water of life, and tears of gold. She tells Fabian all about it and they agree to check out an abandoned library for the book of old that the riddle mentioned. When they do so later that day, they find Mr. Sweet and Victor already in there. They hide behind a bookshelf and hear them talking about the Book of Isis and where it might be hidden. Fabian knocks something off the shelf and the episode ends with Victor pulling the sheet off it, leaving him to find them.

Quality: DVD

Views: 6

Release: 2011

Runtime: 30

Content: TV-G

IMDb: 7.5

Language: 1