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Season 2, Episode 31 - House of Trades/House of Magic

Patricia feels that Piper is cramping her style. Eddie feels bad that he had kissed Piper accidentally, but Piper tells him it's best not to tell Patricia. Jerome learns from Jasper that Trudy has been kidnapped by the Collector and he will need to find a Frobisher Smythe artifact to buy her back. Victor decides to invite Gustave for dinner and Alfie decides to volunteer for the entertainment by doing magic.The Sibunas discover a secret door in the task chamber - but will only open to a certain amulet... which happens to be Victor's. Alfie and Piper get closer, but an argument with Patricia makes Piper reconsider her future. Jerome's search for Frobisher heirlooms leads him to Nina and Amber's room, where he finds Sarah's dollhouse. Gustave comes for dinner, and Alfie does his trick by taking Victor's amulet and making it "disapear". After Alfie breaks the amulet into pieces, Victor decides that the real amulet is up his sleeves... which leads to Alfie dropping the other piece of cloth from his sleeve... will Sibuna get their amulet back?

Quality: DVD

Views: 9

Release: 2011

Runtime: 30

Content: TV-G

IMDb: 7.5

Language: 1