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Season 2, Episode 37 - House of Freeze/House of Timeout

When a poisonous article about Nina appears on the school website, speculation is rife about the identity of the school's phantom blogger. In order to save Vera, Victor hatches a plan and leaves his reflectors in his office, knowing that Sibuna will snoop around and find them when he goes out. The gang succeeds in finding the objects, and Fabian also finds Victor's completed zodiac, along with a list of where he believes the remaining reflectors are. Alfie and Amber go into the attic to retrieve the reflector from the stained glass window but, unaware that Vera is still catatonic nearby (concealed beneath a blanket by Victor), they accidentally reveal the existence of the passage between the tunnels and the library. Meanwhile, Mara knows that Jack Jackal did not write the hateful blog on NIna, as she herself is Jack Jackal. After prodding Joy for information, Joy hesitantly admits that she wrote the blog. Vera now bears the mark of Anubis and the Sibunas have all the reflectors, but they run out of time and the reflector stands disappear. What will they do now? Fabian finds out that Joy wrote the article and gets mad. Gran's condition deteriorates and Fabian makes a horrific discovery at the hospital: Gran is the time piece and she has the mark of anubis

Quality: DVD

Views: 8

Release: 2011

Runtime: 30

Content: TV-G

IMDb: 7.5

Language: 1