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Season 2, Episode 5 - House of Combinations/House of Heartbreak

Fabian decides to keep the mark secret from Nina. The map leads Nina to think that the mask is hidden in the house. As Fabian and Alfie set up a picnic for their double-date with Nina and Amber, respectively, Alfie keeps saying that he wants to give Amber the best so that she does not "put him on the bench". When Nina and Fabian are in the cellar, Nina tries to discuss with Fabian how Amber keeps saying they were best friends before and still are, instead of being boyfriend and girlfriend. Fabian thinks Nina is trying to say that they should break up. The two mutually decide to break up. Amber saves Nina and Fabian from Victor when they are caught in the cellar. Mara finds tickets to Australia in Mick's locker and believes that Mick will break up with her and leave. She finds out later that Mick's dad had sent him the tickets as part of the bribe. To make his decision easy for him, Mara breaks up with him. Joy reads Fabian's poem since Jerome put it on her clipboard after finding it, and she believes that it is for her. As Joy hugs Fabian after what she thought was help in the opening speech, Nina sees the jackal mark on Fabian's arm. Because Fabian said that he did not have any mark to Nina earlier, she becomes mad at him. Amber agrees to be Alfie's girlfriend without posing any more tests. Meanwhile, Poppy sets out to look for her father when Jerome does not want to be involved in the investigation.

Quality: DVD

Views: 7

Release: 2011

Runtime: 30

Content: TV-G

IMDb: 7.5

Language: 1