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Season 2 Episode 10 : Episode 10 - The Legend of Alexei Volkov


Working for the FBI's Deep Cover Operations division, Martin Odum can transform himself into a different person -- whether it's an assignment as a Serbian extremist, a corrupt Chicago police officer, a British special forces colonel, or a legendary computer hacker. But when he learns that his life, itself, may be a lie, he faces the demands of his job and a desire to solve the mystery of his identity. And given the choice between the two, Odum doesn't always make the right decision.

From the producers of "Homeland," "Legends" is based on Robert Littell's award-winning book.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Kelly Overton, Sean Bean, Aisling Franciosi,

Directors: Howard Gordon

Countries: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 123

Release: 2014



IMDb: 6.1

Language: 1