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Season 1 Episode 1 : Season 1, Episode 1 - N.Y. Giants & Ravens

NFL Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns

In this first of its kind series with in-season coverage, the NFL will provide unprecedented access to Travel Channel to unveil never-before-seen footage of what it takes to run and travel an entire professional football team from city to city, game to game, during the regular season. Every road trip requires a massive amount of coordination to haul the 150-person squad 20,000 miles a season. From feeding six-tons of men, to clothing and housing them, to how a stadium prepares and deals with more than 70,000 rabid fans, Travel Channel’s cameras are there to capture this massive undertaking. Viewers will see how the Cleveland Browns live and prepare each week through the eyes of the players, staff and team management all the way up and including the top dawg, new owner Jimmy Haslam. They can expect to learn more about the history behind deeply rooted team rivalries and other notable insights not typically covered in normal game coverage. Episodes will focus around the weeks leading up to games played against the New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers. When the game ends, the real work begins … and there are no timeouts. Each week, NFL Road Tested will feature different employees across the entire Cleveland Browns organization. From players, such as starting Rookie Quarterback Brandon Weeden, Rookie Running Back sensation Trent Richardson and Veteran Placekicker Phil Dawson; to the charismatic new Owner Jimmy Haslam, to the team’s Head Equipment Manager Brad Melland, and many, many more. Fans will get a true, up-close idea of the inner workings of a legendary NFL football organization.

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