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Season 5 Episode 13 : Season 5, Episode 13 - Twilight My Fire

Scare Tactics

Do you know what scares you? You will get to see what scares the living daylights out of average citizens just like you on Scare Tactics, the hit series from the Sci-Fi Channel and the producers of the hidden camera show Spy TV. The series puts a new spin on the hidden camera idea by featuring pranks inspired by science-fiction and horror films. Such pranks feature "victims" in situations involving haunted houses, alien abductions and more. As an added twist, throughout the seasons the different hosts of Scare Tactics take part in many of the show's pranks.

Genre: Comedy, Reality

Actor: Tracy Morgan

Directors: Scott Hallock, Kevin Healey

Countries: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 120

Release: 2003

Runtime: 30

Content: TV-14

IMDb: 7.5

Language: 1


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