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Episode 11 - Strange Visitor from Another Planet

<p> A Senator who restricts outsider nearness on Earth comes to National City to talk. What&#39;s more, it&#39;s while she&#39;s talking that an outsider shows up and snatches her. That is the point at which the DEO shows up and Hank is solidified when he sees the outsider. He uncovers the outsider is the one that wiped out his kin. They later locate the outsider&#39;s den and salvage the Senator. They convey her to the DEO and she gets some information about gossipy tidbits about an outsider at the DEO. Hank dodges noting her. Later Kara takes in the Senator is the outsider. They attempt to get it however it escapes. Hank says it came to get him. Feline&#39;s child comes to see her in light of the fact that Kara sent the letter she composed yet chose not to send it.</p>

Quality: DVD

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Release: 2017



IMDb: 7.78572