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Episode 09 - Blood Bonds

<p> The showdown between the DEO and Astra&#39;s powers at Lord Enterprises closes with Hank being taken. General Lane shows to take control of the DEO in Hank&#39;s nonappearance. Kara tries to converse with Astra however she&#39;s unwilling to open up. Feline suspects Kara is Supergirl. Jimmy chooses to explore Lord and requests that Winn help. Also, when it doesn&#39;t turn out well, and when Kara learns of this she needs to follow Lord however Jimmy and Winn advise her to chill. She then goes to Astra and hears her side of what happened amongst her and her mom. Kara then settles on a choice.</p>

Quality: DVD

Views: 24

Release: 2017



IMDb: 7.78572