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Episode 03 - Welcome to Earth

<p> At the point when the President lands to sign a request offering acquittal to outsiders. At the DEO, the man who touched base in the specialty, stirs and has powers like Supergirl and clears out. Kara starts her first day as a journalist pretty much as Jimmy starts his as Car&#39;s substitution. Snapper Carr doesn&#39;t demonstrate Jimmy regard and gives Kara a faltering task. Suprgirl goes to meet the President when there&#39;s an assault by somebody with warmth vision like Supergirl yet since she&#39;s before the President, it&#39;s not her. They expect the man came. They track him down and ;take in he&#39;s from the planet alongside Krypton. He denies assaulting the President however they bolt him up in any case. Alex tries to locate the person who assaulted the President and finds an investigator, Maggie Sawyer likewise examining who demonstrates her something she didn&#39;t have the foggiest idea.</p>

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Release: 2017



IMDb: 7.78572