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Season 11 Episode 12 : Season 11, Episode 12

The Angry Video Game Nerd

The titular Nerd character is an ill-tempered and foul-mouthed video game fanatic. He derives comic appeal from excessive and inventive use of profanity, frequent displays of explicit gestures, and heavy consumption of beer, particularly Rolling Rock or Yuengling, to "soothe the pain". A particular characteristic is his favorable comparison of extremely repulsive and painful, usually firmly scatological, acts to playing the games he reviews. Varying amounts of physical comedy are mixed into the verbal abuse.

Genre: Comedy, Documentary, Talk-Show

Actor: James D. Rolfe

Directors: James D. Rolfe

Countries: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 87

Release: 2006

Runtime: 15

Content: TV-MA

IMDb: 8.5