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Season 1, Episode 10 - Long Tall Sally / I'll Cry Instead

Long Tall Sally: The Beatles are forced to spend the night in a castle because of dense fog. While there, John and Ringo stumble upon a couple suits of armor. They are warned by the caretaker of the estate that who ever puts on the armor will become mortal enemies and fight to the death. They promise not to put them on, but when the caretakers back is turned, boys will be boys and John and Ringo start fighting each other. SINGALONGS: I'll Follow The Sun & When I Get Home I'll Cry Instead: The Beatles are in Japan and stop to sign a few autographs. However a few autographs turn into more than they had expected and George develops a case of ""autographitis"". His hand swells up purple and four times its normal size. The Beatles start running around trying to find a doctor and mistakenly walk into a judo arena thinking it was a doctor's office. The Japanese think George is the Masked Master and is forced to fight against the karate champ.

Quality: DVD

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Release: 1965

Runtime: 18


IMDb: 8

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