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Season 1, Episode 2 - Do You Want to Know a Secret / If I Fell

Do You Want To Know A Secret: The Beatles take a much needed vacation to Dublin, Ireland. They stay in a quaint little cottage, and Ringo's room is full of chickens. While there, they run into a lady leprechaun named Willomena Morris. She wants to take them to her special pot of gold, she says its a ""golden opportunity"". Her pot of gold turns out to be an undiscovered band of musicians. SINGALONGS: A Hard Days Night & I Want to Hold Your Hand If I Fell: John is kidnapped by a mad scientist's assistant. The mad scientist wants to bring to life a Frankenstein type monster and make it a rock star, all she needs is the brain of a beetle (hence the kidnapping of John, the ""brain of the Beatles""). John and the monster's brains are switched, the singing monster is mobbed by a herd of female fans. He can't handle the pressure and the girls rip him apart and foil the plan.

Quality: DVD

Views: 7

Release: 1965

Runtime: 18


IMDb: 8

Language: 1