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Season 1, Episode 20 - Dizzy Miss Lizzy / I Saw Her Standing There

Dizzy Miss Lizzy: While the Beatles are visiting Bavaria, George goofs up by bragging that he is the Liverpool Champion ice skater. John and Paul secretly enter him in a Swiss ice boat contest to show him a thing or two. SINGALONGS: Ticket To Ride & From Me To You I Saw Her Standing There: After much walking and sight-seeing in Madrid, John and Paul stop at Joses Jideaway for a rest. John takes his shoes off for comfort and red hot ashes end up in them. When he puts them on, he starts to jump around, the club thinks he is dancing and flamenco dancer's girl friend falls for him. Jealous, the dancer challenges John to a duel.

Quality: DVD

Views: 4

Release: 1965

Runtime: 18


IMDb: 8

Language: 1