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Season 1, Episode 3 - Please Mr. Postman / Devil in Her Heart

Please Mr. Postman: The Beatles are in Africa and Ringo spends all the band's money when he decides to buy them all rings for souvenirs. Then before he can get back to the group, he loses all the rings when shaking hands fans. The group tries to wire Brian Epstein (via jungle telegraph) for money. They give a benefit concert to raise money for themselves and when the postman arrives with what they think is a cash package they are shocked to learn that it is a statement from Liverpool Light Company saying their light bill is overdue. SINGALONGS: If I Fell & Do You Want To Know A Secret Devil In Her Heart: George and Ringo go for a picnic in the woods of Transylvania. Ringo decides to take a stroll and meets a witch. The minute she sees him, she falls head over heels for Rings and wants him for her husband. She makes a love potion but before she can use it on Ringo, George comes rushing up to the rescue and the witch falls into the caldron filled with her potion.

Quality: DVD

Views: 4

Release: 1965

Runtime: 18


IMDb: 8

Language: 1