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Season 3 Episode 20 : Season 3, Episode 20 - Clever Levers

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

That silly Cat in the Hat is back, and this time in his own colorfully animated TV show! The show is based on The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library book series and centers around a science-based curriculum for kids.In each musical episode, The Cat in the Hat visits his friends Nick and Sally. A science related question gets their brains going, and with the help of Thing One, Thing Two and the Fish, The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Nick on a wondrous adventure to get a first-hand answer to their natural science-based question.

Genre: Animation

Actor: Martin Short, Rob Tinkler


Countries: CA, GB, US

Quality: HD

Views: 19

Release: 2010

Runtime: 30

Content: TV-Y

IMDb: 6.8

Language: -1


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