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Season 2 Episode 4 : Season 2, Episode 4

The Cliff

A young man is badly hurt in a mysterious accident that takes place at a remote construction site in the middle of the night. Reykjavik Crime Detective Helgi Marvinsson is sent to help the young and inexperienced local policewoman Inga Aradottir. As the investigation progresses, the case seems to get more and more complicated. The injured excavator operator unexpectedly dies in intensive care and an explosives expert is crushed under a rock while people disappear. Through the case, Helgi is forced to confront his own personal demons. Inga is not happy with Helgi’s assignment to the case. But as they get to know each other, they grow closer

Genre: Crime



Countries: IS

Quality: DVD

Views: 21

Release: 2009

Runtime: 45

Content: TV-PG

IMDb: 0