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Episode 15 - Out of Time

<p> Mark Mardon, the sibling of Clyde Mardon executes a man who works at a funeral home to get the name who murdered his sibling. Barry keeps running at super speed and sees himself running next to him while making a beeline for the funeral home. Eddie begins getting furious about Iris for acting bizarre with Barry and Linda discovers Iris&#39; actual affections for Barry. The Police Captain just about gets slaughtered by Mark Mardon by sparing Joe West. Iris gets proof from a companion at her work on Harrison Wells and gets some information about it. Cisco begins to get suspicious about Harrison, he discovers that Eddie is a nearby relative of Harrison and gets murdered by Harrison. Mark hijacks Joe and brings him on the sea. Iris gets a call from Mark , Iris and Barry go to the shoreline to discover him. Mark makes a Tsunami that could pulverize the city and Barry indicates Iris his forces. Barry tries to go as quick he could to make a mass of wind and inadvertently time travels back so as to where he was attempting to get to the mortuary.</p>

Quality: DVD

Views: 15

Release: 2017



IMDb: 8.86