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Episode 16 - Rogue Time

<p> In the wake of heading off to the past, Barry converses with Harrison Wells about him time traveling and the results of changing the course of events. Barry puts Mark Mardon in the cell at STAR labs thinking about the results. Barry converses with Linda and they separate, Barry converses with Iris about his emotions and her sentiments and Iris says that she doesn&#39;t feel the same path as Barry does. Chief Cold, Heat Wave and Cold&#39;s younger sibling Golden Glider grabs Cisco and his sibling to get back the firearms and the mystery personality of the Flash. Barry gets punched in the face by Eddie on the grounds that Iris let him know that Barry needed to have her leave Eddie. Iris&#39; s companion at work who has a pack of connivances about Harrison Wells gets slaughtered by the Reverse-Flash and the greater part of his proof escapes. At the point when Barry gets some information about Simon Stagg the television demonstrated that Iris&#39; s companion has disappeared. Barry calls Joe and lets him know he thinks everything Joe said was valid.</p>

Quality: DVD

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Release: 2017



IMDb: 8.86