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Episode 05 - Plastique

<p> After a bomb goes off downtown, the armed force, drove by General Eiling, comes in and assumes control over the case, much incredibly. Suspicious, Joe tells Barry that he and his companions at S.T.A.R. Labs ought to investigate the armed force&#39;s inclusion. Wells advises the group that Eiling was investigating his men to transform them into super officers. Cisco affirms one of Eiling&#39;s officers, Bette Sans Souci, was at the bomb site. The Flash tracks her down and understands that she&#39;s not setting off the bombs, she is a meta-human who can explode things just by touching them. Then, when Joe learns Iris is expounding on &quot;the streak,&quot; he advises Barry to make her stop. Barry acknowledges Iris won&#39;t hear him out so he chooses to have The Flash visit her.</p>

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Release: 2017



IMDb: 8.86