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Season 1 Episode 13 : Season 1, Episode 13 - First and Last

Wild Roses

Shakespearean themes of family, love and betrayal are the roots of "Wild Roses". Two families, the wealty McGregors an the debt-ridden Henrys, clash over land, love an loyalty. Their stories tangle against the backdrop of boomtown Calgary, Alberta, where oil rich executives play at being cowboys and the surrounding ranchlands are in danger of being consumed by the new-West gold rush.Patriach David McGregor rules not only his family , but McGregor Strategic, an oil exploration company as well as Montrose, his sprawling ranchland estate that has been in his family for generations. Still it's not enough. David has set his sights on Rivercross, a small but stunning parcel of land left to the Henrys by David's father upon his death.The Henry's are determined to hold onto their homestead relying on their wit, passion and unwavering loyalty to the land and each other.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Steve Byers, Kristen Hager, Amy Lalonde,

Directors: Tassie Cameron

Countries: CA

Quality: DVD

Views: 76

Release: 2009

Runtime: 60


IMDb: 3

Language: 1